​​Monday Evening

East Coast Swing (level 1-2)

-Students will learn how to dance the popular Triple Swing!
This class will teach proper footwork, styling and technique, along with a fun interrelated pattern that can be danced to a variety of fun music!

Tuesday Evening

The Hustle (level 1-2)

-Students will learn the iconic disco dance, The Hustle!

This class will teach proper footwork, styling and technique, along with a fun partner-patterns that can be danced to a variety of great music!

Wednesday Afternoon/Evening

Latin Footwork & Styling (open level)

This is a fun open-level class that will focus on building proper footwork, technique, 

styling and musicality into your dancing!

Salsa Level 1


This class offers students the opportunity to build a​ solid foundation for Latin dancing! 

Students will learn foundational technique, footwork, styling and musicality, along with a fun and flashy pattern that can be danced in Merengue, Bachata and Salsa!

Cha Cha Level 2
This is a level 2 class that will build on foundational steps learned in level 1! 
Dancers will learn advanced technique and footwork
with a stronger emphasis

on styling, musicality and partner connection. 

*This is a level 2 class, students should have prior dancing experience.

Group Class Programs

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