Cuban Salsa Workshop & Party!

Friday, March 16th

Cuban Salsa Workshop

Learn how to dance like a Cuban with this fun Salsa Styling Workshop! Dancers will learn Salsa footwork, musicality and styling to gain more comfort and confidence within their Latin dancing! Followed by social dancing to a variety of Latin dance music!


Rumba Workshop & Party!

Friday, March 30th



Rumba Workshop
Learn the basic footwork, styling and technique to American Rumba! Dancers will also learn a fun partner pattern to dance with any slow, romantic song!

Join our amazing group trip to Cuba!

-November 2018-

This is a personalized and authentic, handed-guided exploration of Cuba's rich and beautiful culture!

-Experience a hand-guided tour of Cuba from our tour guide, Eric, who has been exploring the island for over twenty years!

-Visit famous Cuban musical iconic sites, listen to authentic Salsa Music from the "birth place of Salsa," such as Buena Vista Social Club, and learn authentic Cuban Salsa dancing from your own private Cuban Dance Instructor!

-Enjoy guided tours through historic Cuban sites, such as "El Morro," visit beautiful Cuban beaches, and enjoy amazing Cuban cuisine!

​- Stay at luxurious home-stays, enjoying a private room and bath, while having the fun atmosphere of a group trip!

-Availability is very limited

-Please contact us for more detailed information

All classes, workshops and parties are open events!

Beginners are welcome to all workshops and parties!

No partner is needed!

Come out to learn how to dance, make new friends and have fun!

Latin Night Dance Social!

Saturday, March 10th


Doors Open


Kizomba Workshop


Dance Party!

*No experience or partner necessary

$20 per person/ $15 with RSVP



SpirareDance Studio

Sharing the joy of dance!

We are going to CUBA!

Partner Connection Workshop ​ & Practice Party

Saturday, March 24th


Partner Connection Workshop

*Open Level Workshop teaching dancers the importance of partner connection! Proper Lead/Follow technique will be taught to help dancers connect better to themselves, their partner and the music!

*Practice Party- Instructor supervised open floor dance to practice your new moves and patterns!