Do I need special attire or shoes to participate in classes?
You want to wear any clothing in which you are comfortable moving. Dressing up is not required, but you are welcome to if that's the kind of clothing you like dancing in. As far as shoes, it would be best to have dance shoes. If you do not have dance shoes, it is always easier to dance in shoes without rubber soles. No sneakers, No boots.

Does Spirare Dance offer other types of discount?
Yes, we offer Refer-A-Friend Discount as well as Monthly Class Discounts!
- Receive 20% off your next group class program when you refer a friend, and they will get 20% off their first program too!

Do I need to bring my own partner to classes?
No, we welcome couples as well as singles. We will rotate partners often during classes so that you get a chance to dance with many different people.

What are the different pricing options available?
Our pricing information is located on our website under “Programs & Rates.” 

Do I have to preregister before taking a class or can I just walk in?
Registration reserves you a spot in a class. Class registration is capped to 10 to 15 students to ensure everyone gets some private attention. You can always walk-in to any class, though space is not guaranteed without registration. 

Will I really be able to learn to dance?
Yes. Whether you start with "two left feet," or are a seasoned dancer, the hardest part about dancing is getting yourself to that first class. Many instructors will focus on steps and combinations only. At Spirare Dance, we teach our students about physical and musical awareness. Musicality is taught in terms of how to move to the beat, along with how to ‘hear’ the music. Physical awareness includes how to isolate motion within certain parts of your body, along with the ability to feel the connection with your partner, and how to send all the right signals to make your dancing fluid and natural. These teaching methods allow us to help you develop harmony with the music, with your partner and within your self. You'll be amazed at what you can do in so little time.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes we do! Private lessons are a great way to advance to the next level, catch up from a missed class, or to work on moves you are having difficulty with. Private lessons are scheduled at a time that is convenient for both you and the instructor.