​​​​Sunday Morning

Dance Fitness (open level)

-This is a fun cardio-based exercise class that combines elements of Zumba, Tae Bo and Latin dance movements!
Specific isolations will also focus on toning and strengthening, areas such as; your core, back, thighs and glutes! What better way to start your Sunday, than moving to the rhythms of great Latin dance music!

Wednesday Morning

*Wednesday classes will be held at our studio on 41st Ave/Bell Blvd

Latin Dance Styling (open level)

This is a fun open-level class that will focus on learning fun choreography to the dance of the week, along with teaching proper footwork, technique, styling and musicality into your dancing!

All this while getting a great workout, who could ask for anything more!?

Saturday Morning

Belly Dance

Our new Belly Dance Class is coming soon, register below to join our class waitlist!

Dance Fitness Group Classes

Simply Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance!