Sharing the joy of dance!


SpirareDance Studio

about SPirare Dance

Spirare Dance is a dancing school that encourages people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of dancing! We truly believe that dancing is for everyone, and that anyone can learn how to dance!

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." ~Japanese Proverb

Our mission, is to create a comforting community where people from all walks of life can join together, and learn to dance in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our teaching philosophy is composed of three main ideas, Awareness, Harmony and Inspiration, it is within those concepts that our methods of dancing and teaching have blossomed. We are incredibly grateful to be able to share our passion for dancing with so many! 

Our Instructors

Tiffinay Parkhurst:

Tiffinay has been studying dance for over 20 years and has been teaching students of all ages and levels how to dance for nearly a decade. She teaches a variety of dance styles, and specializes in Ballroom, Latin and Swing. Tiffinay enjoys sharing her passion for dance with her students, and is grateful to be a part of their life-changing journey.


Chris Walton:

Chris has trained in a variety of different dance forms, but ultimately found his passion in Ballroom dance! Although he favors the Latin dances, Chris is a versatile instructor, who enjoys teaching all Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance! Chris enjoys teaching, performing and competing with his students! 

Fun facts:

Spirare-Derived from the Latin spiritus, which means 'breath, courage, vigor, the soul'

Spirare- Latin word meaning "to breathe," which connects to our modern word, inspiration, meaning to "breathe in." The breath of life.

Spirare- The basis for our main teaching concept, breathe in, dance out.

Spirare-A NYC based  dancing school, that promotes awareness, harmony and inspiration through dance.